Specialist translators in the real estate industry


The team at immotranslations bring an ‘intelligent’ dimension to their translation services, based on their extensive individual knowledge of real estate.



immotranslations was founded in 2003 by Eleanor Duddy, who works with native speaking English and German associates with extensive real estate and legal experience.



The team at immotranslations brings an ‘intelligent’ dimension to their translation and proof-reading services, based on their extensive individual knowledge of real estate.


If you require further information about our translation and proof-reading services, please do not hesitate to call or email.


immotranslations was founded by Eleanor Duddy in 2003 and incorporated in Scotland in 2007. A subsidiary office began operating in Germany in 2013 and this evolved into immotranslations (Deutschland) GmbH in 2020, with its registered office in Hanau. The company draws together the expertise of native speaking English and German specialist professionals in the fields of real estate valuation, property and facility management, marketing, investment management and finance, and real estate law.


The company’s business model is based on the concept of ‘intelligent translation’ which has been extremely successful, resulting in a diverse client base including banks, real estate advisory companies and multinational professional services networks.

The Beginning
Following a successful career as a practising chartered surveyor working in the fields of property management, valuation and development planning, Eleanor Duddy founded immotranslations in 2003. As a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, she had gained extensive real estate and legal experience in the UK and Germany.
immotranslations was incorporated as a private limited company in Scotland in 2007 and expanded its network of associates to cover specialist legal, marketing and investment aspects of real estate documentation.
In 2013, Eleanor operated an immotranslations Germany office in Detmold and then Bielefeld. Following the success of the German office but in response to the UK’s exit from the EU, the company established immotranslations (Deutschland) GmbH in 2020 to ensure the continued delivery of a high-quality service to our clients.
Our future
We are busy planning the further development of our business across Europe and look forward to building further on our client relationships, particularly in our core markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


ENA | Birger Ehrenberg FRICS - Managing Partner
ENA Experts has worked with immotranslations for over 10 years. Frau Duddy has always delivered professional translations on time, regardless of whether she is faced with complicated individual property or portfolio valuation reports. Her extensive real estate knowledge and expertise has also provided significant added value, as her translations – particularly those using international valuation approaches – are accompanied by additional quality assurance.
ENA | Birger Ehrenberg FRICS - Managing Partner Valuer of developed and undeveloped real estate, publicly appointed and inaugurated by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Rheinhessen Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Oldenburgische Landesbank AG
Mrs Duddy has provided us with translation services in real estate valuation since 2009. We very much appreciate her translation skills, which include her ability to place translation in the right context thereby avoiding potential misunderstanding. We are always very impressed with the range of her professional knowledge, as it allows Mrs Duddy to accurately translate our texts into the English language.
Oldenburgische Landesbank AGDipl.-Ing. Arch. Petra Dietrich MRICS • CIS HypZert (F/M) Executive Director | Prokuristin Head of Real Estate Valuation | Leiterin Immobilienbewertung
Berlin Hyp | Leiter Bereich Wertermittlung | Head of Valuation
I have known Eli for more than a decade and we have worked with each other on several real estate, valuation and banking regulation translation projects. Due to her knowledge in Real Estate combined with her native English and solid German language skills, the work provided is highly appreciated, not only in our organisation but also in other parts of the industry
Berlin Hyp | Leiter Bereich Wertermittlung | Head of ValuationPiet Kok MRICS MAI
Horst F. G. Angermann GmbH
immotranslations has provided Angermann with German to English translations of market reports and other real estate texts for many years. International communication is key to our business and the professional expertise of the firm’s translations of our texts provides us with the perfect support. We also appreciate the speed at which even urgent enquiries can be handled.
Horst F. G. Angermann GmbHChristian Schön - Head of Public Relations
Hettrich Tomorrow
I have known and worked with Eli and her team for many years while working for major corporations and my own firms and am always very pleased with her translations. They are delivered on time, or early, and are of a high quality especially regarding real estate specifics and ‘insights’.
Hettrich TomorrowSascha Hettrich FRICS Managing Director Formerly CEO King Sturge, today CEO INTOWN Group
Oceans & Company
We very much appreciate Eli‘s work. Her reliability and speed, but above all, her ability to translate accurately while preserving context, support us in our daily work and our efforts to provide our clients with the best possible quality at all times.
Oceans & CompanyOliver Obert | Managing Partner
HypZert GmbH
immotranslations has been a reliable partner in the translation of our property-related texts for many years. The extensive industrial knowledge of the team at immotranslations guarantees professional translations of the highest quality at all times.
HypZert GmbH Reiner Lux -Managing Director and Deputy Manager of Certification Body
We have worked with immotranslations for many years and very much appreciate their professional competence, qualified translations and efficient service.
JLL Marion Knief EMEA Marketing Director, Investor Services
Hahn Gruppe
Friendly and reliable contact. Fast and competent translation of publications, websites etc. We are very satisfied and look forward to continuing to work with immotranslations in future.
Hahn GruppeCorinna Zumkier
I was very impressed by the professional and prompt translations. Looking forward to our next project. Thanks for the great work!
www.panoramannheim.comHorst Hamann
PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
Throughout our mutual projects with immotranslations we have always been very satisfied with the quality of the results. We very much appreciate the fast and immediate contact and the reliability in cooperation. Our real estate team has worked with immotranslations for more than 3 years now, and we are looking forward to collaborating on future projects.
PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Frederic Weber PwC Real Estate | Manager